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A Coffee!

What is Alicafe?

No.1 Tongkat Ali Coffee and Ginseng in Malaysia!
Using fine natural ingredients such as premium handpicked coffee beans, Ginseng powder and Tongkat Ali root extract, Alicafe is specially formulated for coffee lovers with an exquisite penchant for healthy living!
Just let the greatest enjoyment and passion lead all of us to embrace a better and richer life!

Why Choose Alicafe?

A premium drink with an extreme taste for coffee aficionados. Only deliver the authentic smooth taste and fragrant aroma of coffee!
Specially formulated with Malaysian tradition & culture – Tongkat Ali and Ginseng** perfectly strengthen your immunity for long-lasting protection.

Who Drinks Alicafe?

For those who like the right balance of aroma and taste in a convenient single-serve sachet.
Furthermore, Tongkat Ali coffee is rich in minerals, vitamins and supplements, that are very suitable for consumption daily by people from all walks of life as well. 


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